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20 April 2015 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed to agree on common power trading principles for the LitPol Link, the new Lithuania-Poland power interconnection planned to open in the end of 2015.
On 15–16 April, Minister of Energy Rokas Masiulis attended the Informal Meeting of Energy Ministers held in the capital city of Latvia, which is currently presiding over the Council of the EU. The Ministers discussed preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems through increased use of renewable energy sources, as well as energy efficiency in the sectors of heating and cooling and regional cooperation.
Lithuanian SC Klaipedos Nafta is projecting and this year will start building a liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution station. JetGas, the only LNG supplier in Estonia, is interested to become a user of this infrastructure in order to supply LNG as an alternative fuel for the industries around the Baltic countries and to expand LNG regas stations’ network.
Today the NordBalt cable laying resumes in the Baltic Sea. The last 150 kilometres will be laid by the end of summer. “It’s exactly one year now that we have been doing construction work of the international power link with Sweden. During that time three quarters of all the construction work has been done. The challenges for the months ahead are to successfully finish laying all of the cable and to ensure at least minimal protection for all its length in the sea”,  said the Chairman of the Board and the CEO of the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid, Daivis Virbickas.
At a meeting in Vilnius, nuclear energy specialists offered to better estimate two aspects in finding the best solution related to a new nuclear power plant: what impact the power plant will have on the economy of the country and what its role will be in the Lithuanian system of power supply. These two criteria should be among the main ones considered along with the project price and future power production costs.
Mr. Rokas Masiulis, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania (MoE) and Mr. Takuya Hattori, JAIF International Cooperation Center (JICC) will organize an international Energy conference in Vilnius, Lithuania on March 19, 2015. Government officials and energy experts from the United Kingdom (U.K.), United States of America (U.S.), Japan, Baltic States and the Republic of Poland (Poland) will participate, discussing “Energy Security and Economic Effects of Nuclear Energy Development.”

Minister of Energy  of the Republic of Lithuania
Minister of Energy
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